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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

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I enjoyed it a great deal. I agree that the first 30 minutes were a bit slow, but it progressed nicely.

I also enjoyed Bear McCreary working in some musical cues from Battlestar, it was a nice, and very subtle, touch.
The Adama family theme was an especially nice, subtle moment that caused both me and the fiance to get a little choked up. Overall, the show, I thought, was excellent and tossed aside any fears I might've had about it. The acting was EXCELLENT as I would've expected from the folks involved in producing it, the show looked stellar, the music was actually a bit subtle in places, but rather moving in others with little notes of BSG in there.

I bought fully all the Cylon creation stuff, thought the holoband was an interesting concept which I'm hoping doesn't get overused or overpowered, and all in all thought it a good torch bearer for the franchise and storyline. It kept the believable, realistic progression of society and technological feel and the focus on character moments that I've come to expect while adding some distinct and interesting political and racial issues that I hadn't seen coming.

I'm on board.
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