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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

WEEK 4: (Ending 01.24.93)
DS9: Babel (Airdate 01.24.93)

I guess the best way to get a built-in audience familiar with a new series is to let it stand on its own for a month, and that's what those in power certainly did for DS9, as the show got nearly all of January to itself. Even if folks weren't entirely sold on the premise, it was the only new Trek they were going to get until TNG came back from re-runs. The last week was a bit of a stumble, but Babel definitely has the hallmarks of an episode trying to end its solo time in the spotlight on a high. Station-wide crisis, everyone having moments to shine (even if poor O'Brien is relegated to whipping-boy), balance between tragedy and comedic moments... and that score in the final act sure is bombastic, ain't it.

So, DS9 wins another week, but finally -finally- the Versus truly begins, as TNG's back from re-runs next week. Hopefully I'll have time to watch two episodes of Trek tomorrow while fitting in a Geography Final and the beginning of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Weekly Winner

Next: Week 5
TNG - Ship In A Bottle
DS9 - Captive Pursuit
DS9 Versus
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