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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

What I didn't like:
- Watching teenagers be geniuses is truly excruciating.
- I'm still not sold on the idea of involving the Adama family so heavily into everything. Makes the universe seem a bit smaller to me (see the Dune prequels for being one of the worst offenders of this).

What I did:
- The actors playing Joe Adams and Daniel Graystone are both excellent.
- The holoband copying someone's image + search engines finding personal information to make a "copy" is a great sci-fi concept. RDM continues to astonish me.
- The shots of Caprica City and intrigue into Colonial racial, religious, and sexual politics. Lots of ingredients for a great series (and, if done well, a great universe when combined with BSG)
- Joe's scene with Tam in the holoband. That was excellent.
- Lots more, but nothing off the top of my head. I'll post more when I view it again.

In the end I'm still not big on the idea of a prequel to BSG, but on its own Caprica seems like it's got some potential. Now, when does Jane Espensen take over?
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