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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

GRADE - inbetween Average & Above Average

It was an ok start enough to get me to watch the season 1 pilot though than god it got better after the opening 30 mins was soooo boring. The Cylon stuff was done really well including the ending and I liked the character of Bill's dad but the family stuff was boring and the religious stuff loses me in places because I find religion well annoying but the whole extremists plot should provide some action that Caprica will otherwise not have I feel. I felt anyof the sexual stuff especially in the holonet was a vain attempt to make this show look sexy n edgy and seems something SCI FI opps SYFY might of pressured RDM and his crew to stick in.

I still feel RDM could lose viewersin the opening half and the show will struggle on SCI FI IMO, its not going to get any new viewers than what BSG s3 & 4 brought in when the ratings went down for the franchise.
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