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Re: "24" seas 1: Naked Mandy, Pretty Jack and Eeeevil Nina!

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But Kim seemed "stupid" in the rebellious teenager sort of way, more "forgivable" if you will. Later on, it was less excusable, because she was no longer that teenager.

She was still stupid, though. Chiefly in latching on to her fucking kidnapper like a puppy.
It's natural to latch onto one's kidnappers like a puppy. Capture bonding is the technical term for the psychological mechanism, it's commonly known as Stockholm Syndrome.

It's a survival mechanism. Connecting emotionally with your captors makes it more difficult for them to kill you. And it was fairly useful in the days when the only way to avoid incest was to kidnap spouses from a rival tribe, or get kidnapped.
Does Stockholm set-in after a few hours, though?
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