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Re: "24" seas 1: Naked Mandy, Pretty Jack and Eeeevil Nina!

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This was the best season because the stakes were personal and not over the top,
I think this sums it up best for me, because it really was VERY personal. At the same time Jack is trying to work out the plot mystery, he's trying to protect his wife and daughter. The two plot threads are nicely intertwined to where you can't consider one without the other.

and this was also when the surprises were genuine, like when "The Sentinel" turned out not to be who he said he was.
There was something suspicious about him to us from early on. He seemed almost ... too calm if you know what I mean. Here's his daughter, brutally injured and supposedly how knows not why. He seemed too interested in Teri and not as much in his own daughter. That's what made it horrifying when he killed the girl as she lay in her hospital bed.
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