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"24" seas 1: Naked Mandy, Pretty Jack and Eeeevil Nina!

Sounds almost like a "Karnak The Magnificent" answer:
"Name three things we don't see anymore in '24'" -

Anyhow, this past Saturday, my two sons and I hunkered down for a marathon session of watching the entirety of "24"s initial season. none of us had ever seen it before, and I recently picked up the boxed set of DVDs. We made sure were properly armed with pizza, Mt. Dew, beef jerky (seems like a Jack Link's, of course), etc.

It was a fascinating time comparing what we saw to what we'd seen in the later seasons. The pacing seemed very well-constructed. The premise itself just plain felt new, again even though I'd already seen seasons 2 - 7. It was easy to see why the show had become a success.

A few thoughts:
  • - I had forgotten what a manipulative witch Lady McPalmer was!
  • - the overall plot and its elements didn't seem as over-the-top as they do later in the series.
  • - Jack's physical appearance was considerably less "weathered", hence the comment in the thread subject. After 6+ seasons of stopped heats, heroin usage, Chinese torture, being Kim's dad... it'd take a toll on Dorian Gray
  • - Kim seemed less "stupid" and more just an average teenager who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • - For all that Jack had to go through... I felt sorrier for Teri than anybody. She was so innocent in all of it.
  • - There were several moments of REAL emotion in that season. I haven't quite felt that same level in seasons since.
  • - Sen Palmer seemed noble yet very naive.
  • - Funny how I had an instant revulsion to Andre Drazen, seeing as I'd already seen the actor in less-than-flattering light in "House" and "Heroes"
  • - We actually see Jack close his eyes, get something to eat AND complain about his lack of sleep!
  • - Never saw him go to the bathroom though.
  • - Favorite line that I can think of right now: "I have killed two people since midnight. I haven't slept in over 24 hours. Maybe you should be a little more scared of me than you are right now."

There is little question in my mind that this was my favorite of all the seasons of "24".
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