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Re: Most Obnoxious: Neelix or Phlox?

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I wasn't serious about Mother Earth, but I was about giving up wine for Lent.
Did you make it? If so, I'm officially in awe!
Except for a little taste of communion wine here or there (which I still maintain doesn't count), I made it - I went wineless for six weeks, although I didn't go whineless.

Actually, it wasn't that bad. (It also wasn't that good, mind you! ) Usually for Lent I instead pick something I want to concentrate on doing instead of giving something up - you know, "be nicer to people" or something like that. Which is great and a nice positive idea, but which is also really hard to measure. So it was satisfying to have a measurable goal and to reach it. I might even do it again next year.

But yeah, that wine tasted really goooood on Sunday! Maybe that's part of the idea behind giving something up?

Back on topic: I agree, Johnhead, that Ethan Phillips is a good actor. Still didn't care much for Neelix, though. He was just such an annoying character, but then again, I think he was kind of supposed to be. I think he was also supposed to sort of grow on the audience, as he apparently did with the crew, but I can't say it worked out that way for me.

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