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Re: World government.

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I've never seen any evidence of *that*. The US has never forcibly attempted to annex Canada or any part of it, that I'm aware of.
Some aspects of the war of 1812 involved an attempted American Annexation of Canada.
There seems to be some debate on that point. Linky

And in any case, I believe Canadian confederation didn't occur until *decades* afterward? So it can hardly be considered a direct response.
It didn't have to occur directly after. It took a decade after independence for the United States to form into its current state for example. All thats necessarry is for people to remember the threat, and they will react in kind.

Also, I dont see where the debate is. Whether the US wanted to annex Canada or was only moving in to the territory for other reasons, the perceived threat was that the United States was going to expand into Canada
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