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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

WEEK 2: (Ending 01.10.93)
DS9: Past Prologue (Airdate 01.10.93)

I'm amazed I can recall this, but I can distinctly remember being underwhelmed by the teaser for this episode when it showed after Emisarry. With it looking like a 'talky episode with Bajorans', I think I initially skipped on it. I certainly didn't remember anything about it until I saw it when the DVDs first came out. Damn, but was I silly to miss it.

Well, it definitely appears the show was determined to differentiate itself from TNG, as there were plenty of things going on here that not only got to highlight the new characters in action, but showed just what kinds of shades of gray they'd be dealing with too. The Federation Capt- sorry, Commander fighting with his Number On- sorry, Major? Black-market dealings and conspiracies on the shi- sorry, station? The Cardassians actually in the right for a change? Hadn't seen much, if any, of this in Trek up to this point. At the same time, though, the inclusion of the Duras Sisters is a pretty blatant 'piggy-back' on TNG -their role could have been any black-market smuggler type.

Robinson's definitely the key that elevates the episode -his shadiness practically steals the show. Can't help but wonder what folks first thought of this intriguing guest star.

As the only new broadcast, Past Prologue wins the week by default, but it's definitely a strong enough episode to have competed with some of TNG's better episodes from the same year.

Weekly Winner

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