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Re: New clip with Scotty

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Viewer beeps and scanners and doors, holy crap.

Never ever EVER thought they would include those kinds of sounds on the new bridge. Heres to post production geeks -
There was an article several months ago (can't find it now, of course) in which one of the team talked about the bridge sound effects. I think they said that none of the actual original sounds were used, but in a number of cases they opted to reproduce the originals almost exactly.
I think i remember something similar somewhere.

And i guarentee those reproduced sounds are hidden away or so subtle only the eagle eared fan will spot them.

I just love the new interpretation of them, its clever. Especially the viewer beeps, instead of just singular pings, they have almost exacflty recreated the multi ping sound the viewer sometimes had. Maybe we will hear the single ping and scanners. Genius. The only movie recently to my knowledge to use the sounds of classic bridge were TFF and Gen (for the Ent-B).
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