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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Flashback (*)

Why does Brannon Braga try to place his episodes inside good Star Trek? Flashback takes place on the Excelsior during the events of TUC, TATV took place during TNG's The Pegasus... stop ruining the legacy of good Trek!

I have a number of issues with this episode which I shall now list because I'm too lazy to form paragraphs around them.

1) Tuvok was not in The Undiscovered Country. He just wasn't.
2) Sulu did not send the Excelsior across the border to rescue Kirk in The Undiscovered Country. He just didn't.
3) I've seen the opening scene of TUC two dozen times, I can nit-pick the re-shoot of the scene to death.
4) Tuvok has a lot of character moments and back-story, but they are mainly exposition. Show, don't tell.
5) Something goes wrong with the mind meld and JANEWAY COULD DIE!!!
6) Something goes wrong with Tuvok's memories and suddenly Sulu and everyone else can see Janeway. Memories.
7) The falling girl was a memory virus? So it was completely unimportant? Well that was well worth 40 minutes of my time.
8) The montage of the falling girl seen by various different children was unintentionally comedic.
9) The resolution to the problem was technobabble, this is one episode where the resolution needed to stem from the character.

TUC is my favourite Trek film because I love the political element of it, so this episode earned a star based purely on seeing the Excelsior in action under Sulu. But there must have been a better way than this to do a tribute to TOS. Oh wait, there was.
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