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Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"

Ok so I voted in the wrong thread with the spelling error - duh me. But here was my two pennies on the episode.

I voted excellent because we got 'answers' regards the smoke monster and I thought its judgement of Ben was a very cool scene that made the Monster seem very scary and it harked back to Eko's death and the time he was confronted by the Monster and we saw the images within the smoke.

We always knew it was tied to the Island and this showed just how much so and unlike the impression before were we thought Ben could control it we see he really was scared by it and had no control but merely could summon it.

Still its motivations are vague and scary. Was Ben spared in his judgement because it judged him right, did it want Alex dead afterall and the fact he allowed her death to occur meant he was freed. Or was it because Penny was spared by Ben in the end. Which was another bit of a cop out bu the writers. Sorta glad but at the same time. Or will Ben merely get a stay of execution. Eko did eventually get thrashed badly by the Monster in the end.

Plus we [think we] know Ben doesn't know the others were in Dharma back then. Obviously a reset button but he did go back to the Dharma village so is it the case they were not there? Has La Fleur and Kate's actions jepordised their standing in Dharmaville?

Plus Locke really seems to have the will of the island.

One nitpick is that Widmore's banishment was a bit lame.

Is the Temple what lies in the shadow of the statue? Didn't think the statue cast much of a shadow nowadays.

Want to see the Temple now. Really would love if we could find out about that far off civilisation. The whomever others from Ancient times.
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