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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series

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we can try CGI, then-sheesh!

But I don't want the style seen in The Clone Wars, or any Pixar films (although I loved The Incredibles)-I want something along the style of Final Fantasy-The Spirits Within or the new DTV CGI Resident Evil movie.
I just checked out the 97 minute feature film
"Resident Evil: Degeneration [Biohazard: Degeneration]"on and it looks good. I will add it to my Netflix Que.

I would like a new series about the start of Starfleet Academy done up in CGI instead of live-action. Realistically you are not going to see a 13 or 22 episode series with the quality that Pixar or Sony Pictures Entertainment is going to put out that looks like 'Resident Evil: Degeneration'. 2008's SW:The Clone Wars TV series cost over $22 million for 22 episodes. That was with stylized and less photorealistic CGI animation.
more info here about that series and the budget to make it.

About the content of a Starfleet Academy series:
How about a series starting when Starfleet Acedemy first opens?
Half of the episodes can be set on training missions and half can be at the academy itself?

Some of the stories could be from
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics in the United States, running for 19 issues from December 1996 until June 1998.
The series followed the adventures of Nog and his classmates in Omega Squad in the years 2372 and 2373.
Niw that is 211 years after Starfleet Academy was created.
It was created in the year 2161
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