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Re: episodes that are part of two different TV series

Without wanting to join the debate about whether or not the thread is misleadingly titled, I've been thinking about this some more. It's quite common in the UK for episodes of another series to feature on a box set. For instance, The XYY Man, The Sandbaggers and Strangers all feature a (different) three part Crown Court serial, as it showcases an earlier performance by the respective stars of those series. Likewise, there's an episode of The Man in Room 17 on the Randall and Hopkirk -Deceased box set, as it features an early appearance by Mike Pratt. An episode of Man in a Suitcase on the Department S box set, which features Rosemary Nichols. A tv play with Peter Wyngarde called "The Crossfire" on the Jason King box set. The Persuaders! box set has an episode of The Saint that's been considered a dry run for the later series. And so on... In these cases, the connections are often fairly tenuous, so you wouldn't really call them part of the other series - they're just there for curiosity value...
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