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Re: World Premiere/Advance screening discussions [SPOILERS GUARANTEED]

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Any chance of someone posting some actual spoilers again?

Such as - Is Cadet Kirk merely an older undergradute held back from graduation due to the kobiashi maru or did he graduate the 4 year program, serve a few years on the Republic or Farrugut and now goes back for the "5th" command year when the events of the movie unfold.....
I don't believe they are at the point of graduation yet, and the events in the movie immediately follow the Kobayashi Maru incident, so there's no time lapse.

Edit: Those events are in their 3rd year at the academy btw... well... at least Kirk's 3rd year, maybe 4th for everyone else.

Thanks for the spoilers. Not the answer I wanted to hear, as I always kinda thought starfleet academy in the tos era was 4 years, then serve, then go back for a command school graduate type program,
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