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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

Christopher wrote: View Post
^The simple fact is, cloaks wouldn't work on most Starfleet ships. The more power a ship puts out, the more powerful the cloak needs to be to conceal it, so there's a point of diminishing returns. Cloaks are only practical on ships that keep their power use to a strict minimum: stripped-down, no-frills warships. No holodecks, no science labs, no arboretums, not a single luxury. So a ship like the Enterprise or the Titan couldn't practically use a cloak anyway. If you ask me, that's the real reason the Federation agreed not to develop cloaking tech.
That's a nice theory, and I can understand it in principle but I'm not sure where anything like that can be derived from the canon. In the modern trek, Romulan Warbird are massive, some estimates putting them at twice the size of Galaxy class vessels, and they used effective cloaks on a regular basis. They were shown in at least one episode to carry holodeck tech as well. Or are you simply saying that Federation ships aren't designed around cloaks in the way that Romulan ships are, and that that's the primary reason the tech doesn't mesh well? If so then it's not too much of a stretch to believe that.

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
Unless one can devise a way to keep shields up and fire weapons while cloaked, I don't see the cloak as being particularly useful in combat--not at the speed at which weapons exchange takes place. It's use would be primarily one of mobility: getting your ships to location XY undetected, concealing your ship movements from the enemy, etc; all of which falls apart as soon as the enemy finds a new way to detect cloaked vessels.

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But I think we've already seen this, we had the less than practical, but still successful prototype Klingon BoP from TUC, and then century or so later the perfected Reman design on the Scimitar, and if the Countdown comic is any indication

Plus, if the Fed vessels could be designed around practical cloaks, then I think the most singularly useful application for them wouldn't be related to combat anyway. I would imagine it would be most useful regarding exploration and the implementation of the Prime Directive. We've already seen the UFP use an Algeron loophole for this purpose with holographic duckblinds and the camo suits and holo-ship from Insurrection. We've also seen numerous occasions where SF vessels could have really really benefited from cloaking tech, or did benefit from borrowed cloaking tech, when in contact with non warp civilizations.

Christopher wrote: View Post
There were no cloaking devices used in the Earth-Romulan War.
I think that's a big assumption to make, we can infer from Balance of Power that the Feds weren't widely aware of the Roms even having the tech( by the 22nd century anyway). And while I agree that the producer's choices with ENT totally undermine the likely intentions of TOS, we do see the Roms effectively using the tech in "Enterprise" in more than one instance. Additionally cloaking tech does seem prevalent in several other cultures at that time and in that part of space as well. Word on the spacelanes may have been that Starfleet wasn't aware of their use in the war, but I think its naive to assume that no such devices were used in that war, unless the Roms deactivated all their minefields and ceased to see any benefit to stealth during wartime. Hey, it could happen.
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