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Re: World Premiere/Advance screening discussions [SPOILERS GUARANTEED]

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3) Are Uncle Frank and Sam Kirk seen in the film?
I'm fairly sure they are. I remember reading that we'd see Sam at some point. Also that Frank, the abusive, violent drunk, would be the one to raise the boys this time (don't know why Winona wouldn't...she *is* their mother, after all), which would explain why Kirk is such a loser when we first meet him.

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It's not a perm rank at the end of the film, they specifically state it is relief Captain for Pike.

I know I keep harping on this, but I would hope that all of you reading this would realize how totally stupid it would be to give a fresh-faced cadet the permanent rank of Captain.

The don't play his injuries off to be serious at all, its implied temporary.
VERY good. Pike is cool. Glad to see he'll recover. I wonder if Kirk and Spock will serve with him again?

I'm pretty sure Spock is the "original" first officer. He promotes Spock up to acting captain when he leaves the ship.
So much for Number One, then... Would have been nice to see who they might have tapped to play her.

Come to think of it, so much for the Talosians, since apparently this all means that "The Menagerie" can't happen as it originally did.
I know this is JJ's universe, but this is awfully unfair to the late Jeffrey Hunter, Majel, and of course, whoever it was who played Veena.

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