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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

Finally read the book this past week. A good coda for the Destiny Trilogy, and a great setup for "Cleaning up Mack's Mess".

I particularly like the introduction of the Typhon Pact. From what I'd read of them beforehand, I'd assumed a small collection of states that just fuck around with and be a general pain in the ass for the Federation while they're rebuilding, and not much more. But now, (and I know from reading the thread, I shouldn't really use the word ) they seem much more threatening. Looking at the Starcharts, they really do almost literally surround the Federation, or at least the coreworlds. Of course, the Typhon Pact may eventually grow into something good as a whole, but right now, there's a definite Cold War mentality to them. In any event, the makeup of "personalities" within the coalition should definitely make for some interesting reading going foward.

Also, a nitpick for ya KRAD! If explosive C is readily available everywhere, while explosive N is very expensive and difficult to get, why would you use explosive N and try to make it look like explosive C?
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