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Re: World government.

John Picard wrote: View Post
Really, people don't want a cultural identity? If that's the case, why did a bunch of immigrants (illegal and legal) rally in California a couple of years ago, waving the Mexican flag?
I didn't say that. People will still have, and want, identities of their own. But they will not necessarily faction off into their own completely separate countries. They can have some sense of identity even when they're part of a larger group.

Jadzia wrote:
What if the world government imposes some changes on the US? Would you be as keen on it then? Remember it is a world government and not a western government, so it may be more aligned with communist ideologies, or sympathetic to Islamic Sharia law and order, and maybe other cultures that might seem alien to a western person?
I'm hypothesizing that the world government won't do that. For the most part, governments such as the US, UK, France, Germany, etc. are tolerant of religious and cultural differences within themselves. Assuming this is just like that, writ large, I'd have no problem with that.

admiralxgmx wrote: View Post
Jonathanland is a country in North America.
Yeah, right, like that lameass 'Sealand' which is some abandoned oil rig with like six people living on it?
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