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Re: Emmy Rossum: Genre babe of the week #16 (Apr. 2009)

Wow, she's pretty hot. I don't remember thinking that in Day After Tomorrow.

Samurai8472 wrote: View Post
Yes! gorgeous and smart like Anne Hathaway.
My first thought on seeing the pics was that she reminded me of Anne Hathaway.

Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
Her pictures can be hit or miss. Sometimes she looks absolutely stunning and other times not. She's also prone to wearing too much makeup...
That was my second thought.

Also, she needs to take more care with her outfits - some are a bit too matchy-matchy, and other are a bit too uncoordinated. She lacks a sense of poise. Still, she's young, and she has potential to learn. And with that face and those legs, I'd be happy to teach her...
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