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Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"

An inevitable EXCELLENT from me. The Ben-centric episodes have all been excellent so far. Having said that, this will definitely be in my Top 5 of the season.

The interactions between Ben and "Locke" were the big plus point for me this week. Plus we saw lots of answers in the LOST mythology: how Ben acquired Alex from Danielle, how his rivalry with Widmore began, and most importantly what happened to his "loose end" in LA.

Like everyone else, I was mighty relieved that Penny didn't drop. And looks like Desmond "I'm so kick-ass I shit Bauers" Hume will survive his pistol wound intact - I mean, I guess the Island won't let him die as it's "not done with him" yet. (Although I would have liked Desmond later in the season take Our Mutual Friend back to the Island to find Ben and take revenge on him for murdering Penny had it come to that...)

But ZOMG Ilana! What is with her all of a sudden?!

"Locke" really does seem to act very strange since his resurrection - almost like "Christian" does since he "died". Maybe "Locke" is pretending to be Locke and instead is another conduit through which the Island or Jacob or whoever is talking?

And as far as attempting to unveil big mysteries goes, they don't come much bigger than addressing the origin and purpose of the Monster. Great to see "Alex" back again.
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Ben with a toupee doesn't sell it for me that he was young. He just looked silly to me.
Who looks sillier with a toup Ben or Locke?

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