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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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and Starfleet began an urgent program to upgrade the tactical abilities of the entire fleet. Among the goals of this program was a directive to investigate the upgradeability of the tactical systems of existing ships, as well as the development of new, more combat-oriented starships. As final refits were completed on the members of the aging Excelsior class, Starfleet began investigating options for upgrading their tactical capabilities.
There seems to be some redundancy in this passage; "upgrading tactical abilities" is mentioned no less than three times.

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Discovery of the Bajoran wormhole to the Gamma Qudrant and subsequent contact with the Dominion renewed Starfleet's urgent need for tactical upgrades to the fleet.
Tactical upgrades mentioned yet again...

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In 2371, the U.S.S. Lakota, NCC-42769, put into drydock to be upgraded with experimental tactical systems
And again

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Lakota was conscripted into an attempted Starfleet coup
How about misappropriated for use in...? (put to a wrong use)

Or exploited for use in

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Starfleet decided it was simpler to only give Excelsior class ships minimal upgrades
simpler -> more cost-effective or prudent, perhaps?

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while producing newer, more well-armed ships
more well -> better

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It is ironic that the death of Sulu would ensure the life of Excelsior; prior to Sulu's death
Sulu's death -> his death, no need to mention Sulu's name twice

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Now, as most of you probably know, there were actually in the real world two Melbournes - one was a Nebula class study model that sported two extra smaller warp nacelles where other Nebulas have pods (for a total of four) and was glimpsed briefly as a wreck in 'Best of Both Worlds.' Later, when the Battle of Wolf 359 was restaged for 'Emissary,' they used the Excelsior model, relabelled with the higher registry number originally appropriate of the Nebula class ship - which was quite visible on the Excelsior class model when the ship's saucer was destroyed by the Borg cube.
I find it very wrong to give a new starship the name of a ship still in service, even during the construction phase. It strikes me as being disrespectful somehow. If the Excelsior-class Melbourne had been mothballed prior to the Nebula-class Melbourne's construction, and was later pressed into service once more, that would be different, but there's no evidence that the Excelsior Melbourne was recently re-activated.
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