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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

I have no expertise in crafting a technical manual, but I would like to add some comments in relation to any drawings of the exterior that may be included.

I have yet to see a drawing of the exterior that does not have some major error in detailing. The biggest thing I see that no-one gets right are the primary hull deflector grid lines. The radial lines determine the placement of the phasers and the thrusters. I have seen various attemps to come close, but the photo of the top of the model clearly shows the lines and in measuring them, the upper surface is divided into 22 segments. That means for each quarter there are 5 1/2 division. It works out to 16.36 degrees between each, starting at the bow. The port and starbord thrusters are at 98.18 degrees from the bow. The phasers are space at 49.09 degrees. Now the bottom of the saucer is divided in a more normal division. The phasers are space at 30 degrees. This means the upper and lower phasers are not lined up. Also, the forward and rear thrusters are 32.72 degrees from the centerline. I have many pictures that clearly show all this information.

Also, there were two physical models. The second model does not have the same space as the first. I only go by the original model.
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