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Re: Nolan 'Unsure' about Batman Sequel

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Zoom and Scorpio you both prove my point. Nolans Joker was just a nutcase who wore makeup. Nothing defined the character.
I think we saw a different movie.

He was just an anarchist.
And a total one. Not a political one, not a social one, just anarchy is a pure undiluted form. Chilling.

No style, no cleverness.
The opening bank heist scene was clever. The jail break was clever.

He just wanted to be the opposite of the Batman and he didnt even get that right.
He certainly got underneath his skin.

Have you read The Killing Joke?
Yes. It's great.

That was the Joker.
It was A Joker. Lots of different Jokers, like lots of different Batmans. Both characters have been reinterpreted over time. What makes them great is the reinvention without destroying their core.

The 1960s Joker is VERY different than the 1990s Joker. Or the Dark Knight Returns Joker.

Nothing Nolans Joker did even came close. He didnt even come up with any creative plans but used the same tactic twice. Save the D.A or the girl/ Save boat A or boat B.
They were questions for the Batman and you let people die? Do you let bad people die? Where is the moral/ethical line? And ultimately, the Joker is right, no matter what, someone is going to die.

There were brief flashes of what this Joker could have been but all to brief and unfullfilling.
I disagree.
Batman does not eat nachos.
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