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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Make sure you kick Bishop Brennan up the arse!
I didn't see Bishop Brennan, but I think I saw Mrs Doyle cleaning the front door. I can't be sure though, she was a fair bit away.

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Crap. Maybe a free subscription instead of a second keyring?
I'm unemployed, I need to get money from somewhere.

Basics, Part 2 (**)

My main problem with the first part of Basics is that it didn't feel epic enough considering the events taking place. The second part is the exact opposite, it feels epic but it the actions taking place completely undo everything that the first part laid out.

The first uh-oh moment came when Shmullus informs Seska that the baby isn't Chakotay's, it is apparently Cullah's even though he doesn't look Kazon at all. This is the first sign that this episode has a huge reset-button at the end. Why not let the baby be Chakotay's and force him to raise it? Because that would involve character development, I suppose.

The story on the planet loses all meaning when you know that the crew are going to be back on Voyager by the end of the episode. Everything they do in order to survive, and everything they do to win over the natives, means nothing because none of it makes a damn bit of difference. If this had been a three episode arc and this story had been allowed to develop properly then it would have been great, but since that doesn't happen it loses all meaning.

What works in this episode is the story on Voyager as Shmullus and Suder sabotage the ship. This is a fantastically engaging element of the story, and Suder's breakdown after he is forced to kill a Kazon is well handled and emotionally touching. I think that Suder is one of the greatest characters on Voyager and his arc is perhaps the greatest character arc on the show. Unfortunately, he dies. It would have been so much better had he survived and be forced to live with his actions in this episode, but I guess a heroic death is something I will just have to settle for.

The episode is well paced, it kept me engaged and it felt like it played out on a bigger scale than the first part, helped a lot by an unusually noticeable score. It was good, and the Suder parts were excellent, but it ends with a big reset button and it really could have been so much more.

Right, I'm off to watch Red Dwarf!
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