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Re: What are your plans for the Easter weekend?

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I'm home.

Just in time to make a cup of tea, settle down and relax, and switch on Dave for Red Dwarf, eh?
No Freeview signal where I am, unfortunately. (I even tried scanning again tonight.) I'll have to ask my Parent Units™ if they'd lend me their Virgin Media TV tonight for half an hour or so.

EDIT: They say Yes.
Jadzia wrote: View Post
The drive has taken you all these hours. Just the distance or was there bad traffic? You need to sleep.
Well, I set off later than planned - got my sleep in the morning instead. Apart from some traffic in places, a surprisingly smooth ride. Mister Falcon (my car) has served me well yet again.

But yeah, these 6 or 7 hour drives do tire me out.

I did however spend half an hour coming back to my own house (neglected for nearly 2 weeks now), watering the dying plants, picking up my mail (surprsingly very little of importance), checking my voice mail messages (the same message 8 times), and then decided to visit the loft, look at all the things there including my broken computer (which will one day be fixed and upgraded... one day ), and just stood there taking everything in. It was a wonderful half hour or so.
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