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Me too. I like to think it's the non-canon Mediterranean class.
Yeah, I can see the similarities, if that's the ship class you're talking about. But I think the Centaur looks more streamlined and elegant. And I somehow think Centaur is a pretty good name for it. Don't ask me why, I just think it is ...
The Mediterranean class was only mentioned in the Star Trek Encyclopaedia and has never appeared in canon. I'd guess that that image is a fan creation.
It is indeed... The Centaur is more elegant to me too. I think the Centaur is to Excelsior what Miranda is to Constitution... although no doubt in smaller numbers. The similarity to the fan-created Mediterranean makes it all the more easy for the 'real' one to take its place, IMO.

I'd be very happy to be able to fit most of those kitbashes to those names from the Encyclopedia... not sure that it's very feasible, though. I would quite like to make a table of the ships from the 'pedia, then compare it to the canon info from Memory Alpha and then try to reconcile that with the kitbashes...
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