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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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First post! I've been lurking since the old SlipStreamBBS went dark, and have often thought about registering or maybe contributing, but recent TrekLit has convinced me to venture out a little bit anyway.
Glad I got to be your first.

Heh. I'm kinda a long-lost poster, I was a PsiPhi regular, oh, back when DS9's S7 was airing...

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I think the unified direction of TrekLit, inaugurated (I think) by the success of the DS9 Relaunch, is wonderful.
Strictly speaking, it started in 1996 with the Invasion! crossover and was expanded in 1997 with the debut of New Frontier. It became something of an editorial direction in 2001, as Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur were specifically asked to put a reference to Worf being on taD (from my novel Diplomatic Implausibility, released the previous month) in Maximum Warp, and then we had the post-finale DS9 fiction and so on.
Oooh, I knew there was another reason I really liked Invasion!

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Well, that and the post-traumatic stress of the events of Destiny....
Good point, didn't think of that...

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Thanks. "Estadio Chile" is a real song, and the story Sonek tells about how it was written is completely true. (In fact, several real songs were sprinkled in among the fictional ones. Check out my annotations for ASD for specifics.)
Ooh, thanks for the annotations, I'd seen the thread but not gone yet.

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And music was a very important theme of the entire book, from Sonek's jam sessions to the A.C. Walden Medicine Show's good-will tour to the Fifth Fleet singing the Warrior's Anthem.
Yeah, that whole thread was one I really appreciated.

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That was my idea, executed in Articles of the Federation, and I thought it was a logical outgrowth of the chaos Shinzon left in his wake in Nemesis. Sorry it doesn't work for you.
Well... it's mostly a personal preference thing; I mean, I certainly see how it turned out the way it did, and what I've seen has all been very well done. And I might feel better if the RSE were the "good" guys with Donatra and the IRS the "bad" guys with Tel'Aura, (or if the situation was even more complicated than "good Romulans" and "bad Romulans," unless I'm oversimplifying?) but I guess that makes it even more realistic, eh?

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The Kinshaya were great, love the little griffins, and I'm sure we'll get to see some more action from them vs. the Klingons. For what little pagecount they got, they certainly made an impression on me.
Thanks! I wanted to make an effort to make the Kinshaya something we hadn't seen much of in Trek, and also to make sure they were tenacious enough to be worthy foes of the Klingons.
Or should I say, ?
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