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DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

As with many I'm sure, I came to appreciate shows like DS9 and B5 relatively after the fact, when they were being broadcast through syndication or via DVD packages. Although I managed to catch some of the shows in their initial run, times were often distracting to a teenager such as myself. It was only in the latter seasons of the shows that I even became aware that there were massive divides growing -and, sure enough, became quite aware of them in my early wanderings in Interwebland. But that's not what this thread's about; rather, the basis for such squabbles is what's lead me to undertake this little viewing project.

I've grown quite curious what it may have been like to watch these shows as they originally aired against each other, how individual episodes would have initially been compared to one another as they were broadcast, and thus if that had much to much to do with those schisms; after all, we see it happening constantly with contemporary shows. So, I've decided to do just that: watch the shows in conjunction with each other on their original broadcast dates. And what the heck, I may as well bring TNG and VOY -the other 'big name sci-fi' shows- into this project as well, as they were also on the air while DS9 was too.

Granted, this is probably just an elaborate excuse to break out the DS9/B5 DVDs once more, but I think this may provide some intriguing insight into what it was like to have watched these shows first-run.

So, the way this'll work:
-I'll view an episode of DS9/B5/TNG/VOY once a day from it's initial broadcast week; so, if there was an original episode of two (or even three) shows that week, I'll watch them both

-since I'm admittedly somewhat DS9 biased, I'll only be doing this while DS9 was on the air; however, DS9 is kind of unique in that all the other shows were also on at some point while DS9 was; nicely coincidental, eh?

-if DS9 didn't happen to have an episode that week, but another show did, I'll still watch that show's episode in chronological order

-for each week, I'll post which show had an episode, probably provide a little personal commentary on it (everyone else is welcome to join in), and declare a 'winner' of that week.
*note*: This 'weekly winner' thing is NOT being done to see which show is 'the best, lolz!', or to add fuel to any lingering fires of such debates -it's being done to provide insight into what a comparative 'review' may have been between the shows when they started broadcasting them 15 years ago (yes, it's been that long!). Think of it as the kind of 'review' the A.V. Club does for its Sunday Fox Evening Cartoon Wrap-Up (Link for example.).

Ultimately, this is meant to be fun and insightful. If this thread descends into petty flaming, I'll sadly have to pull the plug. Please keep your comments civil.

Anyhow, my follow-up post will be a brief 'lead-up' paragraph to what was on the air just prior to DS9's pilot debuting. Time to break out the TNG DVDs!
DS9 Versus
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