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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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SD-103 doesn't really look warp capable, unless it has nacelles that could be bolted on the side, or a drive section like the TMP Vulcan shuttle.
It actually has two TNG-style nacelles tucked inside on the bottom:

Unconventional, I realize, and we must assume of course that they are not 'really' TNG-style nacelles, but I think it works. Plus, the design really strongly suggests a lineage with the original Galileo-7 to me.

There were also those Spacedock travelpods, which were larger and wider than the TMP versions.
Do you mean the travel pod set from TVH was enlarged, or do you mean the orbital shuttle? I had considered including it, but I've seen it labeled a tug shuttle elsewhere, and that seems to be a good fit for its size/configuration so I thought I'd stay away from it. It doesn't really seem to me like it would be very useful as a full shuttlecraft.
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