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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

Regarding shuttles, I've actually concluded that the Excelsior carries one 'executive shuttle' like the SD-103 from TUC, which was an initial outgrowth of the program, and that the shuttles from TFF were actually first developed as part of the Excelsior project, before being applied fleet-wide. I base this on the notion that the original 1701 refit carried the different shuttles designed by Andrew Probert that resembled the Vulcan long range shuttle from TMP, and that the TFF shuttle bears (to me) a striking resemblance in overall shape to Excelsior. (The ship also carries several travel pods, which serve as shuttlepods do on TNG later, as well as workbees.)

I've been toying with class names for the shuttles. Right now, I call the SD-103 shuttle a Type LW-4/LW-4 Class and the TFF type an Type SW-7/SW-7 Class. (I purposefully interchange calling them class/type to suggest a transition between TOS and TNG shuttle naming schemes.) Generally, the 'L' indicates that it's a large shuttle, and the 'W' that it is warp-capable. Similarly, the 'S' indicates that it is a small shuttle. The numbers are meant to indicate they are the 4th and 7th version of each type, respectively. (I call the Travel Pod 'T Class.') I felt these formed a nice bridge between the Class F designation of TOS and the Type-7 etc. designations of TNG onward.

I'm open to other name suggestions, though.
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