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Re: 'HYPERION' tech specs

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This is the aspect ratio that we're working in. 2.2

for a fan film 'Star Trek: Hyperion' you should stick with 1.78:1 (HD ratio). All of the Star Trek feature films including the new 2009 film were 2.35:1 aspect ratio except
Star Trek VI:TUC which was 2:1 .

ST: Enterprise TV series was 1.78:1 .
You should stick to 1.78:1 as when you make it available online it will appear bigger on websites as Vimeo and Youtube's now standard 1.78:1 framing. It is the standard and you make full use of a HD camera's sensor.
If you manage to get it onto any of these
Netflix (via Roku box, XBOX360, or TiVo Series3, HD, or HD XL DVRs ), the iTunes Store, Amazon's Video on Demand,, Playstation Network, iTunes store, Microsoft Zune store, Hulu, you will want 1.78:1 framing to fill the screen especially if someone downloads it to view on a iPod or Zune small device.

You are not making a big budget feature film so just stick with 1.78:1. It will give you better framing for the action to play without having to cut to wider shots from closeups cutting off the hair. Also your CGI graphics will be rendered with more pixels.

Better to use 24p and controlled depth of field which adds an immense production value. If you can use some fog or a smoke machine properly to add some atmospheric effects and increasing production value.
Sorry, thats more inconsistancy on my part than anything else. Ignore the resolution of the 2.2, it's more the shape that I'm trying to get across. The reason why it's in 2.2 is because thats what we get when we put an anamorphic lens on a HD Cam, the height of the set doesn't allow for wider shots left-to-right of the whole bridge in standard HD without getting in the lighting rig.
I'm not adding black bars or cutting away some of the image, the lens should just squeeze the image on to the CCD, the only time I'll add black bars is when it's being shown somewhere, like you say youtube or such like, if it can't handle the ratio.

As for the CGI, we've not started putting it into scenes yet, it'll match by the time we do.

Might have a glance at those sites you listed though...
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