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Re: How should "Law & Order" end?

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At least then, it will have broken Gunsmoke's record.
WWE Monday Night Raw already broke that.
How do you figure? WWE Raw premiered in 1993, three years after L&O did.
Raw doesn't have seasons. It runs 52 weeks a year with only the occasional break for Christmas. They broadcast their 828th episode on Monday.

As for Christopher's comment - there is no pretense that WWE Raw is anything other than scripted entertainment. The only episodes I can think of that weren't scripted were the Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit (yes, I know) tribute episodes as the performers just threw together shows as best they could and most of the time was spent on them paying tribute to their lost friends.

In fact, it wasn't even Gunsmoke's record - another wrestling show, Georgia Championship Wrestling, ran for even longer than Gunsmoke, but Raw has broken that record too.
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