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Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"

First excellent of the season I think. Great stuff. Really liked the resurrected Locke and his interplay with subdued Ben. The past stuff wasn't super interesting but was necessary to set up the bit where Ben gets judged, so that's ok, and we finally get an answer about Ben's injury even though it's something that people have been suspecting from the beginning anyways. Does EVERY minor character have to be someone we know, I mean how many times has a young Ethan shown up for no good reason? Hopefully this actually turns out to mean something.

I'm really enjoying this current iteration of Locke so I'm worried that he's just a manifestation of the smoke monster since he seemed conspicuously absent when the beast was around. Although I'm not sure why it would bother doing that, since in the cabin scene a couple of episodes ago you can see Christian and the smoke monster on the screen at the same time. The episode is called Dead is Dead so if we were to follow that Locke would definitely be dead, along with Alex and Christian.

The point about Ben not remembering LeFluer is bugging me though. Yeah not remembering Sayid makes sense , but erasing a multi-year memory of Sawyer and the rest? I suppose this universe does have a smoke monster that can read minds so it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that it just erased those memories.

Still no explanation as to why Richard Alpert never ages, yet everyone else does. Widmore is in charge, then Ben, so being an Other doesn't give you this ability.

I still think the smoke monster is some futuristic nanites or something, put there specifically to guard the timeline. So a security system for the timeline rather than the island.
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