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Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"

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- Question: Did Rousseau name the baby "Alex"? I don't remember if she did and called the baby Alex in front of Ben.
She did call the baby Alex when Ben was taking her.

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I think it was the smoke monster posing as Alex.
Yeah, but this time I started thinking seriously about whether or not the smoke monster simply poses as someone else or if the dead person is somehow "alive" through the smoke minster. I got to thinking that because it would be nice for Alex to know that Ben only said what he said to Keamy to try and save her.

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I was absolutely convinced Ben was going to die in this episode, so his being spared was a welcome surprise.
I thought that he might die too.

We literally see where Cerebus comes out of (and he's Anubis' pet snake!).
This was the first time I noticed that the smoke monster sounded like hissing beetles. A snake could work too though.
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