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Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"

Excellent excellent excellent, this episode was movin, a lot of answered questions, and more new ones of course

Glad Penny is ok, whew

More info on Widmore and why he left the island, being banished apparently, which is weird since it looked like he was in charge of the others, im wondering what banished him, the monster or jacob or the others?

Interesting to learn that there is a temple behind those walls, half a mile, but it is there, I really want to see what that temple looks like and what it was used for

What is up with the Ajira people, they know something or are there for a purpose, maybe they work for Widmore?

I wonder why smokey let Ben live

Nice to see where it lives, now if we just knew what it WAS, heh

Looks like next week is a Miles episode, nice
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