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Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"

- Question: Did Rousseau name the baby "Alex"? I don't remember if she did and called the baby Alex in front of Ben.

- I thought Ben was going to kill Penny. In a way it's good that he didn't get to. Ben is a fan favorite and having him kill her might have hurt the character in people's eyes.

- Yay! Another Desmond sighting. If you recorded the show and know when to hit the pause button, you can see him again. I do wonder though what'll make him come back to the island if not to avenge Penny.

- Locke seem to be walking taller. He's got it all together again.

- What's up with Ilana? Any ideas? It was like she was one of the Others.

- It was nice to see Ben make amends with Alex. I'm sure he was just glad to see her and didn't care that she pushed him against a wall and threatened him. Is it really her in some way though? Does she know what happened and why he said what he said before she got shot?
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