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Re: Nolan 'Unsure' about Batman Sequel

I'm not interested in Robin but I think they could do some very interesting things with a teenage Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. Commissioner Gordon finds that he's losing touch with his daughter but he doesn't know why. She finds herself attracted to crime fighting for a number of conflicting, confusing reasons, not all of them right. Batman, at first, welcomes the help & the company. But as things go on, he realizes that he may simply be contributing to the delinquency of a minor and dragging an innocent down into his madness. Plus, while Batman may have paternal feelings toward Batgirl, things would get really hairy once he realizes that this hormonal teenager may be searching for something more.

It's a twisted, dark way to tell a Batman story that doesn't deevolve into Frank Miller's murderous thug or Tim Burton's broad, gothic interpretation.

(Although, I admit this idea may be too twisted for Hollywood. It would make Batman Returns seem pretty mainstream by comparison.)
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