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Re: Advance screening/World Premiere discussions [the NO-SPOILERS vers

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How good are the special effects?
Very good. There are a few moments where it looks a little CGI (mainly the warp effect), but the rest is fantastic. As much as the visuals are impressive, I was truly blown away by the sound mix. They combine very successfully to really make an incredible experience. Having seen Transformers in theatre (that was a great sound mix) I'm fairly certain this will be giving the home theatre system a great workout.

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Music: Again, it's big. Not so much of a fan of the main theme for the film, but it does fit. Yes, the original theme does pop up in there.
I was hoping the movie would have a memorable theme (like Star Wars or TMP) but you are the second person who is not that crazy about it. But I guess that's not a big deal, as long as the overall music is good and enhances the viewing experience.
It's definitely good and Giacchino's score hits all the right beats, the melody just doesn't capture my interest as much. The action moments are spot on and the music swells in the places it needs to but the actual theme for some reason never quite seems to match the grand scale of the film itself. It's bombastic, but I think there's a theme out there somewhere the would've fit far better.
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