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Re: Cardassian regional clothing--the ruviyal of Nevot

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Thanks for looking, guys!

AJR, of course, inspired a fair amount of what I do. Some of my stuff is my own--but some things, like the Oralian Way concept, are definitely his.
I have to say that the Oralian Way aspect was one of the best things to happen for the Cardassians. It changed them from Fascists in Space to a well rounded civilization IMO.

The other thing that really made the Cardassians my firm favorites is the story arc of Corat Damar, to take a man from thug to Revolutionary ending up as an heroic martyr for Cardassian freedom was magnificent brilliance on the part of the writers and directors of DS9 and of course Casey Brigg's acting.

Which is why I love the new avatar Nerys Ghemor, it's a fitting tribute to the great man!
Current avatar brilliantly drawn by Gul Re'jel

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