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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

Wasn't it supposed to be USS Chekhov, as in Anton, but whoever built the model left off the 'h'?
Never heard that version...

Anyway, Pavel Chekov was obviously supposed to have the same surname as the famous author. The funny American spelling and pronunciation were just the best these 1960s writers could do. Perhaps "Chekov" is the correct 23rd and 24th century translitteration? Today, "Chekhov" is favored in some circles, but for example "Tsehoff" and "Tjejov" are equally valid - it depends on the linguistic context.

If one doesn't count this unseen Springfield class vessel, we've never seen a starship that was identifiably named after a Starfleet hero. Many have been named after military heroes of the distant past, but for some reason Starfleet personnel don't cut it. That is, unless there was a Starfleet Admiral Malinche, a Starfleet Dilithium Cross recipient named Vico, a famous starship commander named Agamemnon, and so forth.

Timo Saloniemi
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