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How should "Law & Order" end?

Since we have a thread talking about shows that didn't get finales, I'm wondering how you think Law & Order should end when it finally does end. It would seem like a difficult show to end because it's never been about character development. It's been about the formula of the weekly mysteries. So how do you do a finale that maintains the formula yet feels like a proper end?

My idea: Open the show with one of Jack McCoy's former ADAs--either Jamie Ross, Abbie Carmichael, or Serena Southerlyn--going into Jack's apartment to meet him for dinner, only to find Jack shot dead on the floor. The rest of the episode is about trying to solve the murder of Jack McCoy, complete with tons of cameos from past characters, including Mike Logan, Rey Curtis, & Ed Green putting in some extra detective work; Ben Stone, Adam Schiff, & Arthur Branch offering Cutter some extra legal advice; and Paul Robinette as the defense attorney. I've even got an idea for how to work in a Claire Kincaid cameo in a dream sequence.

What do you think would be a fitting finale for this long-running, cast-of-thousands TV series?
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