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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

Hello Fellow trekkers!

Just wanted to share how I got some of my old DOS Star Trek games to work! (I have Vista Ultimate 64-bit) Thanks to J. Allen and some other sources, I got Star Trek: A Final Unity using the following steps (Credit J. Allen for some of these steps):

1. Download and install DosBox. Latest version. (I used 0.72)

2. Create a directory for the game. Example: C:\oldgames\STTNG.

3. Using windows explorer, copy all of the contents from the game CD to the new directory created above.

4. Create a new folder under the new directory called savegame. Example: C:\oldgames\STTNG\savegame.

5. Unzip the folder within the new directory called STTNGINS.ZIP. It will ask to overwrite one file, let it overwrite the file or choose not to, it wont matter.

6. Download "STNNG.ini" from following link (I did not see the file in the STTNG directory, I am assuming it gets created during install):

7. Modify "STTNG.INI" by changing the line "CD=C:\FUIns\" to "CD=C:\STTNG\". (You will no longer need to put CD in after you modify this line)

8. Start DosBox and mount the C drive (example: "MOUNT C C:\oldgames).

9. Change into "STTNG" directory, type "STTNG" and you should be good to go!
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