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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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I think the additions work well. There were a couple of editing issues, though:

Her engine power impressived everyone involved, as did the remained of her scientific and tactical systems
"Impressived" should of course be "impressed". As for the second half and the instance with "remained", it looks like just an editing issue, I'm not quite sure what you wanted to do with it.
Yeah... I was just typing too fast. Thanks.

By the way, reading that segment again made me a bit curious as to whether or not there's ever a resolution to the ship's warp turbulence. I don't believe you explicitly mentioned a fix for that, it might be a nice touch to continue in the vein of the ships receiving upgrades to remain the backbone of the fleet.
No, I didn't. I had actually never decided whether it was something that should ever be resolved, but I might go back and add it into the section about the Melbourne upgrade.

On the same topic, I looked back at the section about the Enterprise-B and it occurred to me that a mention of the extra impulse engines might be worthwhile, I noticed you had mentioned impulse performance issues earlier but only vaguely mentioned the Enterprise-B variant's upgrades, so it might help to flesh things out a bit.

By the by, any idea in your mind why the impulse upgrades wouldn't have become standard, if not the other attributes of the variant? I'm thinking something along the lines of either the added bulk throwing off the vessel's performance, the need to cut down on the space used by the engines, or maybe just an improvement in impulse technology that made them unnecessary.
Well, there are actually appendices in the technical section which we haven't got to yet that goes into all the various variants. The B's mods might bear a slight greater fleshing out than they did in the text.

To satisfy your curiosity, here's that Appendix now:
Enterprise-B Deep Space Variant (2294)

The decision to make the Enterprise-B an Excelsior class ship was, at the time, widely considered controversial. Many traditionalists felt it the class had yet to prove itself, and pointed to what they considered serious flaws in the design. A major lobby called for the ship to be of the Constellation class, which they felt was more in keeping with the tradition of the previous ship. Starfleet compromised, by keeping the new Enterprise an Excelsior class ship but making design modifications to the ship though it was already under constructions.

The design of the warp nacelles was modified, adding a new ramscoop assembly. A major criticism of the Excelsior design was that it maneuvered poorly at sublight, and two additional impulse engines were added on either side of the main impulse deck. These twin engines tested forerunners of the modern impulse driver coil, which has come to be a standard part of modern impulse engines. (Modern refits to older Excelsior class ships incorporate driver coils in their regular-sized impulse engines.) Scientific systems were also greatly improved and refined. The design of the main deflector was modified, and twin hull protrusions were added to either side of the secondary hull, containing additional science labs and sensor systems. Included among these systems were special sensors designed exclusively to detect cloaked ships, a decision the engineers felt was vindicated by the discovery of a Klingon bird-of-prey that could fire while cloaked just prior to the ship’s launch. Rumors abounded at the time of her launch that the Enterprise-B was also equipped with a fully capable prototype Federation cloaking device, retro-engineered from the Klingon bird of prey captured by Admiral James T. Kirk in 2285. Relevant documents remain classified to this day, so the cloaking device rumors remain only unsubstantiated rumors, which many historians consider dubious at best. Overall dimensions of the Enterprise-B were slightly increased by the addition of fins to the warp nacelles, and were as follows: Length, 469.05 meters; Beam, 177.21 meters; Height, 75.93 meters.

As a result of these modifications, the Enterprise-B was externally an entirely different ship from the Excelsior, but in truth remained in essence the same ship. The modifications to the design were, while not unsuccessful, not particularly beneficial either. The Enterprise-B served a long, successful service career, and nearly a dozen more ships of the variant type were produced, but the results of the design were inconclusive, and ultimately rather unnecessary.
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