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Re: Advance screening/World Premiere discussions [the NO-SPOILERS vers

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Is the young Kirk driving the car over the cliff scene as cheesy and nonsensical as it appears in the trailer?

Does Kirk's banishment to the ice planet make any sense?
I didn't mean for these questions to come across as negatively as they do, but I am serious about seeking answers to those questions. The reason being is that the rest of the movie looks so good, I want to know if those particular parts actually work or if they are the low points of an otherwise very good movie?
I like this thread so much more than the spoiler thread.

Cliff scene: It sets up this kind of adolescent, rebellious character and offers a cultural touchstone with the contemporary world.

What's funny is that each element in the scene is dated even by modern standards, a choice that is appropriate. I think I would have hated the scene had they chosen some 2009 car and 2009 song to play. Mixing up the future with our past worked for me.

The ice planet totally makes sense. That works.
Thank you very kindly!
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