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Re: World Premiere/Advance screening discussions [SPOILERS GUARANTEED]

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well the most prominent problem i can foresee is that star trek will seize to exist the way we knew it.

if this movie happens to be a success at the box office the next movie will most likely pick up where this one has ended. all future tv series are likely to feature storylines which are connected to this alternate reality.

dont get me wrong, this might be an enjoyable flick but if this movie is a success "nuStar Trek" might alter our view on the things which seperate a Star Trek movie from every other big budget sci fi movie
Of Course Star Trek moving forward will be drastically altered.

It HAS to be.

TOS is reaching towards AARP status - and I don't say that lightly, because that's My series. It was my time, it was our circumstances at the time... and on Saturday mornings I'd laugh like a loon at that piece of junk that Buster Crabbe flew around in when he fought giant lizards and a bald-headed drag queen.

Now, Star Trek is Older than "Flash Gordon" was, when I thought it was pathetic. '66 Trek is over. Cyrano Jones is Done. Harry Mudd is Done. You're old enough now to just leave it. This is not your "Star Trek." It will Never be your "Star Trek." Yours is way over there, and the new one is way over here. Not Equivalent. Not Yours.

What we have now is "turning death into a fighting chance to live." This franchise, which we have loved so well, is now officially the property of a new generation. So far, it seems like we're doing better than the Star Wars fans got. Maybe, in 2050, there will still be a "Star Trek," which I promise will be completely different than anything you can imagine. Maybe Captain Jane Kirk - who knows? Who cares?

In the long run, the series becomes more than a franchise, and becomes something much more - the first real American Mythos. The American Illiad. The American Beowulf.

But you've got to let it go, to let it grow.
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