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Re: Advance screening/World Premiere discussions [the NO-SPOILERS vers

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can't tell. it's pretty cool looking.
Another question if you don't mind... did the trailers reveal most of the film?

As in, has a lot already been spoiled by all the tv spots and trailers or are there huge chunks of the film not seen yet?
there is a lot that people have speculated, some is right, some is wrong. there are significant chunks of which no one has speculated.

obviously if you're reading spoilers now, pretty much the whole movie will be revealed before the official release.
Forget what has been speculated, I'm talking about what's been SHOWN via trailers.

My question is, is there big chunks of the movie that no one (who hasn't attended the screenings) has seen? For instance, we've all seen the Kelvin spacebattle, drilling rig sequence, the Enterprise arriving at Vulcan, and Delta vega bits... are there are locations that we haven't seen? Or is that pretty much the whole movie?
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