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Re: Advance screening/World Premiere discussions [the NO-SPOILERS vers

Another positive reaction from Garth over at Dark Horizons. He attended the Sydney premiere

I myself was in attendance but can't publish my review just yet as I'm under embargo until April 21st, I will say though that those anticipating this will walk away very satisfied.

The presentation was immaculate. A special projector screen and sound system were installed simply for this event, while the film's sound technicians flew in from Los Angeles to specially remix the film to take advantage of the concert hall's acoustics.
The results on that front were exemplary, while the Texans may have gotten it a few hours earlier it can't compare to the special setup that was put in place for this event. Sadly phones and bags were checked for security reasons so I couldn't snap any shots.
Abrams and the group all stood up on stage to introduce the film, all getting loud cheers with home boy Bana in particular getting a very warm reception. After some wisecracks and comments, the film got underway.

Audience reaction, normally very muted at premieres, was surprisingly responsive. Giggles a plenty at the jokes, cheers at key points such as Nimoy's first appearance and the end of the thrilling laser drill action sequence.
As the end credits played, spotlights snapped on and highlighted the cast sitting at the front of the dress circle. A standing ovation quickly followed, the 1,600 strong crowd turning and clapping them loudly. Abrams in particular seemed quite overwhelmed by the reaction and emotion of the room.

Leaving the cinema, comments from others in attendance were quite enthusiastic on the walk down the causeway. The cast continue interviews here in Sydney on Wednesday before flying off on the next leg of their world tour.

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