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Re: World Premiere/Advance screening discussions [SPOILERS GUARANTEED]

This new movie just sounds good. I've read every scrap of info I could find on the screening and it's multiplied my excitement. This apparently is a new and different Star Trek. You know that's life, things change. If it's going to continue into the future it's going to change.

I'm actually ok with people who aren't a fan of the new Star Trek not coming to this forum at all. I mean, this is for fans. I wouldn't want some college basketball fans invading this Star Trek fan forum either. If I didn't like the novels, then I just wouldn't be a fan of the novels and wouldn't go to the novels forum. This is the new direction of Star Trek, like it or not.

Maybe in the coming years some of these guys who are stuck in their ways and not willing to accept anything new or different will disappear from Trek fandom, and this new Star Trek will bring in a lot of new fans who are excited for the new direction.
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